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Who we are

AOVAA is a newly launched space agency geared at enhancing world wide game play of our game server via the use of a laser based communication satellite fleet called Virtue Ring (planned) as well as fulfilling aerospace contracts and further space exploration. We are new to the industry and evolving quickly. Our first experimental satellite launch, Randputnik-1 was successfully launched in 2016 on a Falcon 9 rocket. (read more about our satellite)

Our Vision

Ever since the dawn of mankind, space has been a mystery. Thanks to advances in technological feats humans have learned a lot about space and have done great many things such as create a simulated moon environment to shoot the Apollo moon landing videos. Here at AOVAA we want to continue to expand this exploration. We are already in the early stages of preparing experiments to be tried on the Interstellar Endurance Space Station and working on a larger data gathering and communication satellite fleet. (Learn more about some of our experiments.)


Thanks to highly advanced simulation systems such as Kerbal Space Program and Minecraft, all of our missions are fully simulated before go live. If it works in our simulation program, we know it will work in the real world. Through the use of more solid fuel boosters, struts, winglets and unmanned space control modules, we have a clean record and zero injuries. Here at AOVAA, safety is our number one concern. Our standard methodology has been successfully used by the North Korean Space Agency as well as professional sports teams to get an object in a general location while keeping the original target area intact.

(Space intentionally left blank)

Status: In operation (polar orbit)

Our first experimental satellite, Randputnik-1, is a small satellite which acts as a random number generator. In computer science, random number generation has always been a challenge. This has lead to unfair loot drops or skill gains in games and has been the bane of many MMO gamers. Randputnik-1 aims to solve this serious problem by capturing space radiation and converting it to a stream of random numbers. These numbers are beamed back to our random number capturing station located in Antarctica using it's 3 highly efficient carbon core antennas. Once our software back end is finalized, we will implement this RNG system on AoV. In addition, because this satellite also crosses the north pole, a secondary base station will be constructed there by end of 2017 with help of elves.

Note: Due to a global shortage of silicon, we were unable to add solar panels to our satellite. We decided to use Duracell® Coppertop™ batteries as they lasted the longest in our laboratory lunch room TV remotes. The crew on the ISS have agreed to make a rendez-vous and change the batteries when comes the time. We may experiment with using Batteriser™ technology once it is fully developped, which boosts battery duration by 800%.

You can also track our satellite's position here: http://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=90666

Randputnik-1 undergoing final tests on the bench

IESS Experiments
Advancing scientific knowledge through gaming

The things you eat, your ping and even body orientation can all play a great role in your gaming performance. Here at AOVAA we go a step further and test this in space. At the Interstellar Endurance Space Station our astronauts have gamed on nothing but taco bell for stretches as long as 48 hours. Bathroom breaks were also used to perform a seperate experiment to see if a space station could be decommissioned by performing retrograde bowel movements. Equivalent thrust energy tests done in Kerbal Space Program resulted in 100% deorbit rate for all space craft used. This could lead to less space junk in the future when decommissioning space stations and satellites. Notice: These experiments are temporary halted due to safety concerns raised by the rest of the occupants on the space station. We are looking into substituting Taco Bell with carrot cake. Due to a mishap, the Jupiter observatory module in which the retrograde experiments were being performed has been closed off and put out of service indefinitely.

Astronaut pwning noobs with average of 2,097,264,223ms ping while eating fast food

Virtue Ring Satellite Fleet
Status: Design phase has begun

After our successful Randputnik-1 launch, our next plan is to launch a constellation of satellites which will use the token ring over wireless fibre protocol to communicate with each other. Once in operation, this will allow for a more direct connection to our gaming server. All that will be needed is to point a 40Ghz wireless dish to one of our satellites and connect your computer to it. Dish sold separately, batteries not included. Token ring network card required.

Warning: Microwave radiation is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects, especially at the 88,000 watts we are going to be transmitting at. Use caution when venturing within our coverage locations.

Artist's interpretation of our satellite fleet

Other research

Another research project we have been working on is studying the effects of the moon on cellular reception. Some studies have shown that cell reception can be as good as a full extra bar during a full moon, when compared to a non full moon tested from a different location.

Cellular eclipses, while rare, have shown to increase reception by as much as 6 bars provided you don't hold your phone wrong.

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